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What Can You Do About valuation Right Now

Yet you know that you have a sophisticated money manager and you can do more and you could potentially acquire another property well you’ve done you know so obviously we’ve always said go and speak to investment savvy mortgage broker really important because they’ll give you choice of lenders and choice of opportunities good point I always think that um it’s about the interest that saved it’s not the interest that’s paid so another sort of extent of gold is that when someone comes in here and valuation.

The Property valuers Brisbane say what’s the best rate or I want to go on to an online lender just got a client now who’s using an online lender and their agenda is all about right and I ‘m just thinking what if I could show you over the life of the loan you would save more interested in heels even though up front it looks like you’re not getting the best right and so I would say again we’ve talked about microscope and telescope a lot when it comes to lending you’ve got to look through the telescope, not the microscope each so let’s say you could save a thousand dollars on a better interest rate but another lender where surcharging you a thousand dollars for that for the benefit of borrowing more off their money and you’re going to control.

Asset that’s going to grow you know sort of % well there are seven and a half thousand dollars in advantages plus the income coming from that property so it’s again it’s about taking a smart strategic view and sitting down and looking your options with a qualified professional and making sure you get that balance right between aggression or investing and also risk and reward also think that property investing is a game of Finance not necessarily going with bricks and mortared that sort of highlighted very well one of the things.