Property Valuation

Firstly, I want to address the fact that it is going to be hard to achieve financial freedom with just one investment property. It can be done, I have told in previous videos about an article I read where there was a little old lady who owned just two properties, her home, and one investment property and.


she was retired and financially free and not reliant on the pension. So she had split her investment property into a dual occupancy, so she was getting two incomes from that and she split her home into a dual occupancy as well. So.

she was living in one part of it and renting another out. So with just one investment property and her own home, she was generating three different incomes for herself, which will add her to retire.

But for the majority of us, one property probably is not going to provide us with the financial freedom that we desire. But that is not main that is not going to be worthwhile. Owning one property can help you pay off your home faster.

Earnings positive cash flow property which spins off more cash than you have to put into it, give you an extra income source that you can use to pay off your home loan faster or recently did an interview with Don from Mortgage Choice. You can check him out by going top and Don suggested that a lot of investors when they earn an investment property, final the rent and everything into the offset account of their home and off their personal mortgage.

What that does is it allows them to maximize their tax appreciation, but also allows them to pay off their home loan faster because they are offsetting some of the interests.So earning just one investment property may mean that you could cut years of the mortgage your own home.

Another benefit of earning just one investment property is that you can get capital gains over time. So there is a saying that property doubles every two years and while this is not true for every area in Australia, we do see property prices continue to increase as a whole across the nation.

So by purchasing one investment property, you may be able to see capital gains over time, which means that your wealth is going to build up over time as well.