About Us

My husband Larry and I have always enjoyed art. And we’ve always supported the use of environmentally friendly products. So, when we were presented with the opportunity to get into the soy candle business, we jumped on it!

We purchased Birch Creek Candles from Tracy and Sheila Scott in 2006. Birch Creek Candles had been operating out of Pendleton, Oregon, since 1993. Tracy Scott was called to service in Iraq in 2004. Maintaining the business became too much for his wife Sheila, a full-time psychiatric nurse and mother, so she decided to give it up.

Now Birch Creek Candles is “29cash”—our new company name. To keep the heritage alive, we refer to our line of candles as “Birch Creek Soy Candles”. That’s why you may have noticed that our domain name is www.29cash.com And that’s why you’ll notice the title, “Birch Creek Soy Candles” printed on our candle labels.

Strawberry Lake As our slogan indicates, our soy candles are hand-crafted at our small production facility, near the foot of the Strawberry Mountains. The Strawberry Mountains are part of a 68,000 acre wilderness area in rural Eastern Oregon. You can observe a picture of Strawberry Lake (part of the wilderness) to the right.

The same tools, materials, and methods that produced the original line of Birch Creek Candles are being used today. The same attention to detail and quality control have also been preserved. So you can rest assured that the Birch Creek Candles of today are of the same quality they’ve always been.

Thanks for stopping by our website. We wish the best to you and your family. Sincerely, Diana and Larry Eisiminger.